How to Maintain Good Hygiene

Developing good hygiene habits has numerous benefits that go far beyond making an excellent first impression. Because the wellness of our physical bodies is directly linked with our mental and spiritual health, it is vital that you implement and maintain regular routines. Doing so can create an overall sense of well-being and balance.


With every task you complete, you use your hands. Therefore, it‘s no wonder that they are one of the primary vehicles for introducing infections and viruses into your body. Your best defense against the constant onslaught of pathogens is to get used to cleaning your hands frequently: after using the bathroom, touching garbage, shaking hands with sick people and before cooking. For times when you don’t have access to soap and water, carry alcohol-based hand sanitizer.


Washing your body daily with soap removes dead skin, sweat, and dirt. Doing so not only keeps you smelling and feeling good but also it gives your skin a healthy glow. A few minutes in the shower or tub can also provide a great environment for private relaxation and contemplation before or after a busy day.


Brushing your teeth twice a day helps to maximize the chance that you will keep them for a lifetime. Regular brushing removes food particles, helps to maintain the health of your gums and fights the plaque that leads to tooth decay, cavities, gum disease, and eventual tooth loss. Purchasing a monthly toothbrush subscription can help you to cement optimal habits since you will never run low on high-quality dental supplies. In addition to brushing, optimize your gum health by flossing daily. Every six months, see your dentist for a cleaning and checkup to stay ahead of any problems that may be developing.


If you engage in physical labor or simply are a person who sweats a lot, it’s important to wear an antiperspirant daily to control excessive sweating. Another option is to apply deodorant every morning. These substances help to reduce the smell of your perspiration. If you are concerned about the chemicals found in many commercially available products, consider a non-aluminum, natural solution. Your local health and nutrition store can steer you toward the best options.


Unless you are bald or your head is shaved, you should take steps to maintain your hair by keeping it clean and trimmed free of dead and split ends. Many people wash their hair daily or several times a week with shampoo that is available at pharmacies, supermarkets, and salons. However, there are ways to keep your scalp healthy and your hair clean without exposing yourself or the environment to the chemicals in these products. There are numerous “no poo” options, including rubbing your head with a paste made of white rye flour and water and rinsing thoroughly.

When good hygiene becomes a habit, it requires hardly any thought or effort on your part. Nevertheless, the rewards can be significant. They include a more robust immune system, glowing skin, fresh breath, and white teeth and an overall pleasant and appealing appearance. Maintaining cleanliness is one of the least time-consuming and most rewarding gifts you can give to yourself – and the people around you.