Get Artificial Disc Replacement in Beverly Hills

If you are suffering from back pain for several years now, it could be due to a slipped disc. It is required to visit a licensed and certified orthopedic doctor that would help identify the issue. An orthopedic specialist is specially trained to deal with bone and joint problems. If you have slipped disc problem, the orthopedic surgeon will be able to treat you to help you get rid of the problem. For the past several years, surgeons are able to perform surgery to remove the degenerated disc from the body. The gap that opens up due to the removal of the disc is filled with the fusion of neighboring discs. It is important to know that when a person goes for spinal fusion surgery, they are not able to live their life like before. In many cases, the mobility of the patient is hindered making the person suffer badly. It may also cause the patient to suffer from pain and become dependent upon others for moving around and doing daily life activities. If you do not want to suffer the same fate, you should consider artificial disc replacement.

The introduction of artificial discs a few years back has revolutionized the treatment of disc problems. Today, more patients are going for artificial disc replacement treatment while avoiding the disc fusion option. The former has an advantage over the latter that it does not make the person dependent and suffering from pain. When you go for artificial disc replacement, the degenerated disc is removed and an artificial disc is inserted within the spine as a replacement. There is no need to fuse the neighboring discs to fill the gap as the work is done by an artificial one. When a person opts for disc replacement using an artificial disc, he is able to get relief from the chronic pain. The mobility is also not affected, and the person becomes quite independent.

If you are considering getting artificial disc replacement in Beverly Hills, you should find a reliable orthopedic surgeon for the surgery. You should not visit any random medical professional but find out the best one in Beverly Hills. When you get treated by an experienced and expert surgeon, you will be able to get successful treatment. When you get your treatment, you should perform regular exercises and go for physical therapy sessions under the supervision of an experienced chiropractor.