Make Sure Your Back Gets The Best Treatment

Spine surgery is nothing to gawk at. But, today, with new technologies and advancement, what would have sidelined you for several months, now only requires a couple of weeks for recovery. And, a surgery that previously took 20 hours under anesthesia, is completed in a few hours. How? With the top Beverly Hills spine surgery, and the leading technologies and understanding of the spine, brain, body, and how they all operate together. For these reasons, you’ll want to make sure you choose the top surgeon if you do have to undergo any spinal surgery, for any reason. So, how do you pick the top surgeon?

Their Experience and Reputation

You’ll want to choose a Beverly Hills spine surgery facility and surgeon with a stellar reputation. They should have done several similar operations as the one you will undergo, with a high success rate. They should also have excellent reviews from former patients. The surgeon should also be respected in the medical community, and by other surgeons in the same area of practice. Basically, you want to choose a surgeon that has done the same surgery numerous times, knows how the procedure works, and can coach you through the entire process and recovery successfully.

Board Certification

You’ll want to choose a surgeon who is board certified, or eligible to be board certified. This basically means that in addition to surgical residency requirements, they also completed a fellowship in spine surgery. And, they received a minimum of one year of additional training.

50% or More

Another criteria you should look for in a surgeon is choosing one that devotes a minimum of 50% of their time to spinal surgeries. If possible, to the same surgery you are having. This is your guarantee that they do the surgery routinely, they are in good practice and form, and that they’ve done a similar surgery in the recent past.

Of course, you have several options to consider when the time comes to select a Beverly Hills spine surgery facility and surgeon. Therefore, you’ll want to take your time to compare the leading prospects where you live. Doing this will not only help you in finding the most qualified surgeon for your surgical procedure, it is also the best way to ensure they have experience in the type of surgical procedure that you need to have completed, and they fully understand what is required to do the surgery properly and safely.