Get Artificial Disc Replacement in Beverly Hills

If you are suffering from back pain for several years now, it could be due to a slipped disc. It is required to visit a licensed and certified orthopedic doctor that would help identify the issue. An orthopedic specialist is specially trained to deal with bone and joint problems. If you have slipped disc problem, the orthopedic surgeon will be able to treat you to help you get rid of the problem. For the past several years, surgeons are able to perform surgery to remove the degenerated disc from the body. The gap that opens up due to the removal of the disc is filled with the fusion of neighboring discs. It is important to know that when a person goes for spinal fusion surgery, they are not able to live their life like before. In many cases, the mobility of the patient is hindered making the person suffer badly. It may also cause the patient to suffer from pain and become dependent upon others for moving around and doing daily life activities. If you do not want to suffer the same fate, you should consider artificial disc replacement.

The introduction of artificial discs a few years back has revolutionized the treatment of disc problems. Today, more patients are going for artificial disc replacement treatment while avoiding the disc fusion option. The former has an advantage over the latter that it does not make the person dependent and suffering from pain. When you go for artificial disc replacement, the degenerated disc is removed and an artificial disc is inserted within the spine as a replacement. There is no need to fuse the neighboring discs to fill the gap as the work is done by an artificial one. When a person opts for disc replacement using an artificial disc, he is able to get relief from the chronic pain. The mobility is also not affected, and the person becomes quite independent.

If you are considering getting artificial disc replacement in Beverly Hills, you should find a reliable orthopedic surgeon for the surgery. You should not visit any random medical professional but find out the best one in Beverly Hills. When you get treated by an experienced and expert surgeon, you will be able to get successful treatment. When you get your treatment, you should perform regular exercises and go for physical therapy sessions under the supervision of an experienced chiropractor.…

How Long Does It Take to Recover from a Tummy Tuck?

A tummy tuck is a surgical technique that helps to remove excess quantities of fat and skin from the abdomen. Also referred to as abdominoplasty, it can also restore separated or weakened muscular tissues, giving you a smooth and flatter abdomen.

Why it is Done

Probably you have been striving to achieve a well-toned and flat abdomen like Laura Henshaw or David Gandy through weight control and exercise, but these methods have been a futile endeavor. Even individuals with an otherwise average body proportion and weight can develop a flabby, sagging, and protruding abdomen. Some of the most prevalent causes of this problem include:

• Pregnancy

• Significant fluctuations in weight

• Aging

• Heredity

• Prior surgery

What a Tummy Tuck is Not

Abdominoplasty is not an alternative for an appropriate exercise or weight loss regimen. Although the results of an abdominoplasty are long-lasting, the positive outcome of this procedure can be remarkably vitiated by significant weight fluctuations. So, women who are considering getting pregnant, or individuals who are planning to lose weight substantially may be advised to postpone a tummy tuck.

You cannot correct stretch marks using a tummy tuck, although they can be improved or removed if they’re in an area where the excess skin will be excised.

Ideal Candidates

The decision to undergo an abdominoplasty is very personal. Don’t do it to please your mama, and neither should you do it to fit into any social ideal. You may be the right candidate for this procedure if you:

• Are bothered by your abdomen’s appearance

• Have realistic expectations

• Are a non-smoker

• Have a stable weight and are physically healthy

The Tummy Tuck Procedure

A tummy tuck is typically done in an outpatient surgical facility or hospital. Your doctor will administer to you general anesthesia, and you will be unconscious and unable to feel pain. In unique cases, you might be moderately sedated and given pain relievers.

A tummy tuck involves various procedures depending on the extent of the results you would like to achieve. In a typical tummy tuck, your doctor will make incisions to eliminate most of the fat and skin between your pubic hair and belly button in an elliptical or horizontal oval shape. He or she will then tighten the fascia (connective tissue) that lies over your abdominal muscles using permanent stitches.

Your doctor will then realign the skin around your belly button. He or she will then bring out your belly button through a small cut and stitch it to its normal position. The incision that runs from one hip to another above your pubic hair will be stitched together, leaving a scar along the natural crease on the …

Make Sure Your Back Gets The Best Treatment

Spine surgery is nothing to gawk at. But, today, with new technologies and advancement, what would have sidelined you for several months, now only requires a couple of weeks for recovery. And, a surgery that previously took 20 hours under anesthesia, is completed in a few hours. How? With the top Beverly Hills spine surgery, and the leading technologies and understanding of the spine, brain, body, and how they all operate together. For these reasons, you’ll want to make sure you choose the top surgeon if you do have to undergo any spinal surgery, for any reason. So, how do you pick the top surgeon?

Their Experience and Reputation

You’ll want to choose a Beverly Hills spine surgery facility and surgeon with a stellar reputation. They should have done several similar operations as the one you will undergo, with a high success rate. They should also have excellent reviews from former patients. The surgeon should also be respected in the medical community, and by other surgeons in the same area of practice. Basically, you want to choose a surgeon that has done the same surgery numerous times, knows how the procedure works, and can coach you through the entire process and recovery successfully.

Board Certification

You’ll want to choose a surgeon who is board certified, or eligible to be board certified. This basically means that in addition to surgical residency requirements, they also completed a fellowship in spine surgery. And, they received a minimum of one year of additional training.

50% or More

Another criteria you should look for in a surgeon is choosing one that devotes a minimum of 50% of their time to spinal surgeries. If possible, to the same surgery you are having. This is your guarantee that they do the surgery routinely, they are in good practice and form, and that they’ve done a similar surgery in the recent past.

Of course, you have several options to consider when the time comes to select a Beverly Hills spine surgery facility and surgeon. Therefore, you’ll want to take your time to compare the leading prospects where you live. Doing this will not only help you in finding the most qualified surgeon for your surgical procedure, it is also the best way to ensure they have experience in the type of surgical procedure that you need to have completed, and they fully understand what is required to do the surgery properly and safely.…

Choosing the Right Family Dentist

Are you looking for a family dentist in your area who will be taking care of your family’s oral health? Oral health is very important but many people tend to overlook it. Your mouth, teeth, and gums are prone to many diseases and it’s important to ensure that you visit a dentist regularly for examination. Unfortunately, finding the right dentist for your family can be a daunting task. The search process can take some time and extensive amount of work to get a qualified, licensed and experienced family dentist. But this article, we have made the process easier by putting together a few things that you should consider when finding your family dentist:

1. Qualification and Experience

Your family’s oral health is very important and so you should find a dentist with a high level of qualification and experience. A person should have a certain level of qualification before becoming a dentist and this should be the first thing to check. Besides qualifications, you should check the amount of experience the doctor has before hiring them. This is vital especially when it comes to performing advanced procedures like dental implants. You don’t want the risks or inconveniences that come with referrals to another dentist, so ensure you make the right choice.

2. The Quality of Services

This should be one of the top things you should check when choosing a family doctor. Choose a dentist who offers high-quality services. One way to measure the quality of services is by visiting the office and checking the working environment. Check the cleanliness and tidiness of the place, infection-prevention practices, as well as the customer service.

You can also find out what his or her former patients are saying about the dentist. Go to the dentist’s website and look at the customer reviews and comments to find out their level of satisfaction. After all, it’s only the patient who can give honest information regarding the kind of services they receive. 

With regards to dental care service, you want to choose a dentist with flexible works hours so that you can conveniently visit for checkups. If possible, choose a dental practice which offers early morning or late evening services so that you can visit before or after work. 

3. Location and Accessibility

The closer the location of the dentist’s office the better. But, you can consider being flexible with regard to the distance. This is because you might find a very good dentist who’s office is at a further distance. But if want a dentist of your senior loved one, you may want to go for a nearer place which is accessible by people with disabilities. 

These are just a few factors to check …

How Often Should You Get Your Eyes Checked if You Wear Glasses

The quality of your vision often directly affects your quality of life, so it is safe to say eyesight is a significant component of your overall help. However, because the majority of people do not think about the condition of their eyes on a daily or even weekly basis, eye exams are usually only scheduled if something is blatantly an issue. A more healthy approach would be to find a good optometry practice near you and have regular eye examinations. Through having these regular eye exams, you are able to stay ahead of any vision correction, eye conditions, and overall safety concerns. Below are some key indicators that you may want to schedule to see a professional optometrist. 

Migraines and Headaches

While migraines and headaches can occur from a multitude of factors, a lesser known fact is that they can be critical signals that your vision is changing. Therefore, if you identify a particular increase in the intensity and frequency of headaches or migraines, visiting an eye doctor would be a great precaution. 

Light Sensitivity

A common symptom of eye infections, or even more severe damage, is noticing your eyes becoming extremely sensitive to light. While some sensitivity is natural depending on your situation, sudden and painful sensitivity should definitely be checked out by a medical professional. 

Tired Eyes

Eye fatigue is another common symptom that can go unnoticed or wrongly contributed to other factors, like lack of sleep. If you experience a persistent discomfort in your eyes and feel them straining for long periods of time, this could signal an eye condition or infection. Another component to watch for is if your eyes hurt looking left to right, or during any other specific movements. 

Trouble Focusing

The beginnings of a plethora of eye conditions display themselves in the form of blurriness or trouble focusing on a particular object. If you have trouble focusing in your field of vision, take the smart approach and contact an eye doctor to ensure that a deeper medical condition does not exist. 

Eyeballs are incredibly delicate organs, yet undoubtedly perform one of the most critical functions for you body. It is important to take the proper precautions and find an optometry practice that you can visit for routine checkups. The earlier the optometrist can identify any lingering eye conditions, the faster and more effective they can help you. Utilize the information in this article to help understand and recognize the immense significance of keeping your eyes healthy!…

A Patient’s Guide to Finding and Choosing the Right Cosmetic Dentist

Cosmetic dentistry is not regarded as a specialty in the medical field. It’s considered a general practice meaning any qualified dentist can do it. This makes it challenging to find the best cosmetic dentists you can trust with your dental problems. A good cosmetic dentist can give you the smile of your dreams and help you achieve a better dental look. 

However, where does one start in finding a good dentist? Below are important tips to remember when choosing a cosmetic dentist. 


Don’t be surprised to realize your general dentist also performs cosmetic procedures. For better results, you must consider a dentist who mainly deals in cosmetic and nothing but cosmetic dentistry. Such kind of experts who specialize in one area has much experience in the type of treatment. This ensures you get the best services from the highly experienced Montreal dentistry.

Education and Training

Go for a dentist with the highest level of education. As we know, dental schools deal with a few cosmetic courses with the main focus on general dentistry. You must find a person who took good of his or her time to learn most of the cosmetic procedures. Besides the usual degree, ask whether they have masters or any additional course work in a particular field. In addition to that, find whether they are members of any professional associations which is a good symbol of competence. 

Proof of Results 

A good cosmetic dentist should provide before and after photos of their services. This way, you will be able to evaluate their work and make a decision to use their services. Also, satisfied patients will be much willing to give out their experiences either through referrals or taking pictures. Go through their official website and confirm any picture showing a record of their services. In most cases, you will find proof of results in the Smile Gallery.


A satisfied or dissatisfied client is a good source to ask of their experiences with the dentist. Ask your friends, workmates, family members or neighbors about the best cosmetic dentist. They will definitely recommend you to quality and experienced dentist depending on their previous experiences. You can also check online for reviews.

Ceramic Work

Ceramic is the most common material used in Montreal dentistry. This gives a patient a more natural and realistic look. During your office tour, ask how they make their porcelain or ceramic options. 

Please contact Montreal dentistry today and ask for a free consultation. We are dedicated to providing world-class dental solutions all over the world.…

How Old do you Have to Be to Get Silicone Breast Implants

When it comes to making crucial decisions about any type of surgery, you need a medical professional in your corner who is committed to you every step of the way. If you are considering getting breast implants for any reason, you need and deserve the same dedication. Look no further than dr glicksman plastic surgery.

Caroline Glicksman is board-certified in plastic surgery and has been practicing in Sea Girt, New Jersey since 1991. In addition to her years of experience and hundreds of happy patients, Dr. Glicksman brings to your consultation the perspective and discretion that only another woman can offer.

When you come in for a no-obligation consultation, you will speak directly with Dr. Glicksman, who will take time to understand your unique situation, history and goals in order to arrive at the specific implants that would best meet your needs. She is highly experienced with all types, including round and shaped cohesive gel implants.

Making the decision to get breast augmentation is a big step. It involves a personal financial commitment. As with all operations, it also contains risks and limitations that you should thoroughly understand before moving forward. Dr. Glicksman and her caring staff have become a cornerstone in their community because of the personalized care and attention they lavish on each and every patient who walks in the door. We believe that every question is important and deserving of a complete answer. Any concerns should be addressed fully until you are absolutely comfortable.

Perhaps you are considering implants because one of your breasts is larger than the other, or maybe there has been a reduction in size after pregnancy. Possibly, you are unhappy with your size or shape, or you may want to reconstruct your breasts after having had breast cancer surgery. Whatever the reason that has caused you to seek breast augmentation, Dr Glicksman plastic surgery should be your first choice.

How Oral Hygiene, Diet, and the Immune System May Save Your Teeth

How Oral Hygiene, Diet, and the Immune System May Save Your Teeth

Developing good hygiene habits has numerous benefits that go far beyond making an excellent first impression. Because the wellness of our physical bodies is directly linked with our mental and spiritual health, it is vital that you implement and maintain regular routines. Doing so can create an overall sense of well-being and balance.


With every task you complete, you use your hands. Therefore, it‘s no wonder that they are one of the primary vehicles for introducing infections and viruses into your body. Your best defense against the constant onslaught of pathogens is to get used to cleaning your hands frequently: after using the bathroom, touching garbage, shaking hands with sick people and before cooking. For times when you don’t have access to soap and water, carry alcohol-based hand sanitizer.


Washing your body daily with soap removes dead skin, sweat, and dirt. Doing so not only keeps you smelling and feeling good but also it gives your skin a healthy glow. A few minutes in the shower or tub can also provide a great environment for private relaxation and contemplation before or after a busy day.


Brushing your teeth twice a day helps to maximize the chance that you will keep them for a lifetime. Regular brushing removes food particles, helps to maintain the health of your gums and fights the plaque that leads to tooth decay, cavities, gum disease, and eventual tooth loss. Purchasing a monthly toothbrush subscription can help you to cement optimal habits since you will never run low on high-quality dental supplies. In addition to brushing, optimize your gum health by flossing daily. Every six months, see your dentist for a cleaning and checkup to stay ahead of any problems that may be developing.


If you engage in physical labor or simply are a person who sweats a lot, it’s important to wear an antiperspirant daily to control excessive sweating. Another option is to apply deodorant every morning. These substances help to reduce the smell of your perspiration. If you are concerned about the chemicals found in many commercially available products, consider a non-aluminum, natural solution. Your local health and nutrition store can steer you toward the best options.


Unless you are bald or your head is shaved, you should take steps to maintain your hair by keeping it clean and trimmed free of dead and split ends. Many people wash their hair daily or several times a week with shampoo that is available at pharmacies, supermarkets, and salons. However, there are ways to keep your scalp healthy and your hair clean without exposing yourself or the

Wipe or Wash? Do Bidets Save Forest and Water Resources?

Wipe or Wash? Do Bidets Save Forest and Water Resources?

Using the bathroom is an activity that we all partake in and is usually something we learn how to do very early in life. Even so, many people are still unsure about the best way to clean themselves after using the bathroom. Most of us are familiar with wiping after relieving ourselves, but some individuals may prefer to wash with a bidet. Unlike wiping, a bidet uses water to cleanse the genital and anal areas.

In terms of cleanliness, most individuals feel that washing with a bidet provides the best results. Using water and bidet seats to wash can be uncomfortable and inconvenient for many people, however. For most, it really comes down to personal preference when deciding between wiping or washing.

Bidets Are Better At Removing Waste

A bidet uses a low oval basin and a fountain of water to remove fecal matter and urine from your rectum and genital area. After using the bidet seat, most individuals use a small amount of toilet paper or a towel to dry off. The water jet is much more effective at removing waste from the anus than toilet paper alone. Most individuals are left feeling fresher, cleaner, and more sanitized.

Wiping with toilet paper is not as effective at removing waste and typically will not get you as clean as a bidet will. This is because it’s impossible for dry toilet paper to remove everything. The area may look clean, but residue will always be left behind. For some, this isn’t really a problem because the residue is so miniscule. For others, this is unacceptable and they can only feel fully clean after using a bidet to wash themselves.

Are Bidets Hygienic?

Many people may be unsure of the safety and sanitation concerns of bidet seats. Bidets are actually very hygienic and safe to use. There is no risk of cross contamination because you don’t put your genitals or anus anywhere near the water spout. Bidet users can feel at ease knowing that they are getting clean in a safe and sanitary way.

Should I Wipe Or Wash?

There really is no right or wrong answer when it comes to cleaning yourself after using the bathroom. Some prefer to wipe, while others prefer to freshen up with a bidet. Even though bidets will get your cleaner, using toilet paper is still considered an acceptable way to clean yourself. The most important thing is that you use something to remove waste after using the bathroom. Failure to properly cleanse yourself can result in infections, rashes, and messy situations.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Marketing Agency for Healthcare Industry

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Marketing Agency for Healthcare Industry
Why it’s important to hire the right medical marketing company
Effective marketing is an essential part of any successful business strategy for companies in the medical industry. Without the right marketing strategy, it is hard to take your medical company to the next level. Understanding why it is essential to invest in leading medical marketing companies will help you take the next step in your business.

You will have a fresh perspective on your marketing efforts

Sometimes it can be difficult to take an objective look at your advertising and branding when you are the one creating the campaign. Hiring a medical marketing company will allow skilled professionals to take a fresh look at your campaign. This could help you revamp stale marketing efforts that may need to be infused with newly updated ads, content, and other elements of an effective medical campaign.

Medical marketing professionals will have a more specific skill set than you and your employees

Groove Medical is a great example of a non-profit that has learned how to excel in their niche. As a highly trained team of medical volunteers, Groove Medical has risen to the top to become some of the most trusted on-site medical professionals for mass gatherings. However, their marketing skills aren’t as honed as their mass gathering medical skills are. This is why Groove Medical has benefited greatly from hiring out their marketing to professionals who are experts in this field. By hiring these medical marketing professionals, they are now able to focus on what they do best.

The right medical marketing company will have the latest technologies

As a competitive medical company, you are most likely going to want to invest in the latest medical technologies. Marketing agencies are going to feel the same way about investing in the latest marketing technologies. When you hire a medical marketing company, you are getting access to the latest marketing tools and technologies. These tools and technologies will help you stay relevant in a fast-paced and quickly progressing digital world.

It is important to stay relevant no matter what industry you are in. Medical marketing agencies can help you stay relevant in the medical field while allowing you to focus on what you do best. It is important to do your research and hire the right medical marketing company. This will give you peace of mind that your investment will pay off in the long run.