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Is It Better To Wipe Or Wash After Using The Bathroom?

Using the bathroom is an activity that we all partake in and is usually something we learn how to do very early in life. Even so, many people are still unsure about the best way to clean themselves after using the bathroom. Most of us are familiar with wiping after relieving ourselves, but some individuals may prefer to wash with a bidet. Unlike wiping, a bidet uses water to cleanse the genital and anal areas.

In terms of cleanliness, most individuals feel that washing with a bidet provides the best results. Using water and bidet seats to wash can be uncomfortable and inconvenient for many people, however. For most, it really comes down to personal preference when deciding between wiping or washing.

Bidets Are Better At Removing Waste

A bidet uses a low oval basin and a fountain of water to remove fecal matter and urine from your rectum and genital area. After using the bidet seat, most individuals use a small amount of toilet paper or a towel to dry off. The water jet is much more effective at removing waste from the anus than toilet paper alone. Most individuals are left feeling fresher, cleaner, and more sanitized.

Wiping with toilet paper is not as effective at removing waste and typically will not get you as clean as a bidet will. This is because it’s impossible for dry toilet paper to remove everything. The area may look clean, but residue will always be left behind. For some, this isn’t really a problem because the residue is so miniscule. For others, this is unacceptable and they can only feel fully clean after using a bidet to wash themselves.

Are Bidets Hygienic?

Many people may be unsure of the safety and sanitation concerns of bidet seats. Bidets are actually very hygienic and safe to use. There is no risk of cross contamination because you don’t put your genitals or anus anywhere near the water spout. Bidet users can feel at ease knowing that they are getting clean in a safe and sanitary way.

Should I Wipe Or Wash?

There really is no right or wrong answer when it comes to cleaning yourself after using the bathroom. Some prefer to wipe, while others prefer to freshen up with a bidet. Even though bidets will get your cleaner, using toilet paper is still considered an acceptable way to clean yourself. The most important thing is that you use something to remove waste after using the bathroom. Failure to properly cleanse yourself can result in infections, rashes, and messy situations.