Rejuvenate Your Body’s Healing Essence with Regenerative Therapies LA

The human body possesses a remarkable ability for regeneration. Without even our knowing, our organs, cells, and body systems, are involved in a constant cycle of renewal and growth. But are there also times when your body could go with some extra assistance, perhaps you’re just a little fatigued, or are presenting with a more serious set of symptoms. Whatever the case, regenerative medicine can likely offer you a non-invasive holistic solution. So, what exactly is regenerative medicine and how and when can it help?

Regenerative medicine recognizes and harnesses the body’s potential to achieve a more optimal state of health and wellbeing through the replacement or regeneration of its own cells, tissues, or organs. Regenerative therapies work to re-establish normal function in the body, embracing the underlying belief that robust health and function is the body’s natural state.

Modern lives are stressful, for many of us this stress can accumulate in our bodies, leading to mild medical conditions. For others these conditions may be more debilitating. For some, the treatment has become the symptom, as the methods and drugs used in traditional Western medicine have left their immune systems weakened.

Regenerative medicine provides a more holistic approach to healing the body. It can treat a wide range of conditions such as Lyme disease, multiple sclerosis, candida overgrowth, or hair loss.

Where organs have been damaged by age, disease, or trauma, regenerative medicine can be used to accelerate healing, stimulate tissue growth, and relieve pain.

If you’re experiencing fluoroquinolone toxicity, cause by this commonly prescribed class of antibiotics, regenerative medicine can treat any associated symptoms of fatigue, anxiety, pain, tendon rupture, and disability. It can also treat peripheral neuropathy, which is damage to the nerves that exist outside of the brain and spinal cord. For the athletes or the very active, regenerative medicine can treat muscle stress and simulate reverse ageing by protecting against DNA damage.

Methods of regenerative therapy include stem cell therapy, IV Vitamin, and NAD IV therapy.

In fact, you needn’t wait for dis-ease to afflict the body before turning to regenerative medicine. Vitamin IV therapy for example can strengthen, revitalize, and boost the immunity of all patients, while stem cell facials provide a rejuvenating alternative to more invasive cosmetic procedures.

Whatever the cause of pain, dis-ease, immobility, or inflammation, regenerative medicine is an opportunity to stimulate our body’s own defense and recuperation abilities.

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