What Procedures Does An Endodontist Perform?

Endodontics is often referred to as root canal work. For clarity, root canal work is a specialist area in dentistry working on the dental pulp and nerves to save a damaged tooth. An endodontist is nothing more than a dentist with a master’s degree in Restorative Dentistry on top of a general dental degree.

To some extent, root canal work is a routine dental procedure. It is like an extended dental filling because the patient needs to come back after a few weeks to complete the work. Then again, sites like westlaendo.com give even more explanation on procedures like re-root canal treatments.

Endodontic Treatments Only An Endodontist Should Perform

When using sites like westlaendo.com, the patient does not choose the specialist. But in a dental office, things could go the other way. An endodontist allows for the best results when it comes to:

  • Cracked teeth
  • Dental implants
  • Endodontic surgery
  • Traumatic dental injuries

Root canal work usually takes two visits. To clarify, the waiting time makes sure the specialist finds all the debris within the root canal system. The endodontist must clean all the debris out to ensure the tooth will settle nicely in response to further treatment.

Sometimes, patients realize they have a dental problem, and they might talk to a friend who went to an endodontist. But most of the time, their dentist refers them to the specialist. You can also visit one if you have a long-standing dental issue that your dentist could not fix.

Why choose a site like westlaendo.com to request endodontics services

Westlaendo.com is a website that offers endodontics services in Los Angeles, CA. But more importantly, Dr. Parsa and his staff make sure that every patient receives detailed information and directions for a successful treatment.

Root canal work may present itself with some quite bizarre symptoms. So, a lot of the work specialists are diagnostic in nature. Sometimes, it is necessary to understand what is causing the pain. Mainly because finding the right tooth that is causing pain could be a challenge.

Lastly, root canal work should not be painful. Most of the stories about root canal work being awful come from people who did not choose an endodontist. Why? Because an endodontist knows how to freeze the tooth before starting the treatment. The badly inflamed pulp can be difficult to numb, and specialists spend the necessary time to anesthetize it correctly.