Why Choose Non-Invasive Aesthetic Procedures

If you’re seeking to enhance your appearance but are uncertain about surgery and the risks associated with it, a minimally invasive aesthetic treatment could be the answer. Non-invasive aesthetic procedures use products and techniques to enhance the appearance of the various parts of the body, especially those with irregular skin pigmentation, lines and wrinkles, and undesired hair.

Unlike surgical cosmetic procedures that require surgical incisions or general anaesthesia to be performed, less invasive procedures require none to be carried out and often pose minimal interruption to your daily routine. Compared with surgical procedures, non-surgical cosmetic procedures are pretty straightforward, and their results seem to be subtler than those of invasive procedures.

So, suppose you’ve made your mind that non-invasive cosmetic treatment is all that you need. In that case, it’s prudent first to make consultations with a board-certified cosmetic surgeon, like Dr Golshani, to understand the best procedures for your case as well as their risks. This internationally recognized cosmetic surgeon runs a cosmetic clinic at Beverly Hills and performs nearly all aesthetic procedures, including face and breast. Being a passionate cosmetic surgeon, Daniel Golshani will take you through the various non-surgical procedures outlining their benefits, potential risks and why people prefer them over surgical procedures. That said, let’s dive into some of the most common cosmetic treatments and procedures.

Botulinum Toxin Injections

The key benefit of opting for a non-invasive cosmetic procedure, like botulinum toxin injections, is, certainly, the enhancement in your look. However, are you aware that botulinum toxin injections can boost your health in some instances besides improving your appearance? These less surgical, cost-effective and readily available injections can be applied to treat urinary incontinence, migraines, and even excessive sweating.

Botulinum toxin injections, when compared to invasive procedures with similar effects, have minor or short-term side effects, such as swelling and bruising, whereas invasive procedures require a lot of time to recover.

Microdermabrasion/Chemical Peels

Thanks to their subtle nature, if you opt for any of these procedures, many people won’t easily tell why you’re looking so fresh and healthy. This is something to smile about for persons seeking to do something positive to make themselves feel thrilled regarding their physical appearance without attracting attention about the kind of procedures they might have undergone.

Chemical peels can be applied to significantly reduce the appearance of irregular pigmentation, acne, among other skin issues. In contrast, microdermabrasion can revitalize sun-wrecked skin, fostering the growth of new skin cells rejuvenating your skin and making it healthier. Although they have fewer side effects, microdermabrasion/chemical Peels are very effective compared to costly creams that don’t live up to their expectations.

Laser Hair Removal

Excessive hair growth in the body is a cause of irritation to many people. Many victims of excess hair growth often use traditional methods, such as waxing or depilating, to remove the excess hair. These methods offer a short-term solution to excessive hair growth and sometimes cause pain and discomfort. On the other hand, laser hair removal offers a long-term solution to excess hair growth by regulating hair re-growth. In addition, it’s less painful than conventional shaving methods, such as waxing. Laser hair removal can be performed on nearly all body parts that support hair growth and have been proven to have minimal after-effects.